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Gianna Love Jacketed and Muzzled by PEPalfreyman

I stumbled onto this image (and your gallery) & was immediately drawn in... this is outstanding from the quality, mood & setting to the...

Bound Near a Waterfall by sinisterbrain

I find myself increasingly immersed in the photo... it's wonderful... the scenery is amazing & perfectly shot (focus, colors, compositi...


Xmas Wrap 2014 by taurus-comix
Xmas Wrap 2014
Something a little silly to welcome the Holiday Season... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Best Wishes to you & your family. :w00t:
Cat Fancy Tip - Dominance by taurus-comix
Cat Fancy Tip - Dominance
Special Tips Poster in this months' issue of Cat Fancy... I've learned keeping beautiful women as pets is rewarding but not without its' challenges... so hopefully these tips will be useful & informative. :w00t:

Remember, no matter how well-trained your pets are they may have sporadic & poorly timed episodes of "cattiness" - it's only natural... a firm hand is required to rectify the situation. :w00t:

There's no limit to the absurdity that cheap, advanced 3D technology has provided to the hungry masses... :|
Experience the Romance of the Gag Cotillion by taurus-comix
Experience the Romance of the Gag Cotillion
Something Romantic for the Ladies out there to enjoy as we approach this festive time of year... :)

There is no tradition that matches the grandeur and distinction of the Annual “Gag Cotillion”. Beautiful debutantes look forward to this prestigious event with great anticipation. Gentleman suitors, dressed in their finest haberdashery, wait patiently at the base of the grand staircase for the women to make their dramatic entrances. The excited females have been primping for hours in the Cotillion Spa & Salon. Everything must be done to perfection - hair, nails, makeup. The women, with the exception of heels, cuffs and ornamental collars, are completely nude for their public presentation. The special moment has arrived. Handmaidens secure the wrists of the ladies behind their backs before sending them off towards the stairs. All eyes are on them. With their hearts aflutter, they take their turns gracefully cascading downwards. This is their time to shine. A male, gag in hand, moves forward to greet his nude prize. “My Lady, You look lovely this evening. May I attach your gag?” is a traditional introduction followed by the typical response “I would be most honored, Kind Sir”. This is simply a time honored formality as the male may affix the gag before posing the question. The female does not have, nor desire, the option of refusing a random beau’s advances. She feels completely liberated as her cuffed and exposed body is caressed in front of everyone by her attentive escort. The females keep their legs slightly spread so the male may insert his fingers inside her cunt for a cursory inspection. Once all the attendees are matched up they parade into the banquet area. The male partakes in cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while the female, gag pulled off, sucks enthusiastically on his cock. This is only the beginning. As the hours pass there is more magic & romance to be had. The proceedings celebrate the relationship between man and woman with dignity & respect. :w00t:

Beautiful, distinguished women from DeviantArt that are interested in participating in this year's "Gag Cotillion" may sign up below... :w00t:
Will You Make the Time? by taurus-comix
Will You Make the Time?
It's a heartbreaking sight... a beautiful female... nude... cuffed... caged... alone... and neglected. Each day this very scene takes place in millions of homes in North America alone. Whether you're crate training, disciplining or securing your pet while you're away, the needless suffering & loneliness is the same... When you finally return home you'll find her sad eyes looking up & hoping for some much needed attention. If you have a tail plug inserted you'll surely see her wagging it in anticipation of some playtime. Make a pledge now to spend some quality time with your pet & give her the life she deserves. If you're busy check out the Humane Societies' website for some helpful tips on keeping your pet happy, challenged & healthy... One trick I use is to dump a bucket of balls on the floor as soon as I get home. With them scattered everywhere I open my pets' cage & she scurries along to clean them up for me. She's so excited she forgets I have to remove her gag so she can grab the balls with her mouth... wrists & ankles stay cuffed for this fun exercise. She'll slither & squirm along the floor like a cute little worm dropping each ball in the bin on the other side of the room... When she's finished she's filled with a sense of purpose & achievement. She'll be purring like a kitten during your pre-activity cuddle time... Be creative & invent some tasks yourself... Females will be overjoyed to oblige & will show you gratitude & affection for treating them right. Right ladies? :w00t:

Make the time today... :w00t:

DAZ3D 4 PRO - FREE Until 03/31/2012

Mon Mar 19, 2012, 9:14 AM
Hope everyone has a safe & happy new year... I really do... :)

Just an FYI...

I noticed DAZ Studio 4.0 PRO was on sale this month - for NOTHING!

DAZ FREE Software Page:…

DAZ 4 Pro ($429.95), Bryce 7 Pro ($249.95), Hexagon 2.5 ($149.95)... FREE until 03/31/2012...

DAZ 4 also includes 3D bridge which allows a direct model import from DAZ to Photoshop CS4+...

They also have FREE model bundles & promotional products...RuntimeDNA & Renderosity also have a wide variety of products - many free...

This is a good chance to give 3D art a try... just register with DAZ (for free) & add the free software to your cart...

There's enough material to get started right away... and if you don't like creating 3D art it can be used as a model reference... just load a figure & view from various camera angles & zoom perspectives...

Again, it's only until 03/31/2012... then it goes back to the prohibitive high prices... Hurry! :w00t:

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For the LADIES: Abduction Preferences - when you are held captive which do you prefer? Please elaborate... :) 

161 deviants said I'm a GUY - I want to see what the HOT CHICKS have to say!
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28 deviants said Completely Nude - bound & gagged securely but not too tight... (5 STARS)
16 deviants said Bra & panties or bikini, barefoot - moderate bondage... (3 STARS)
15 deviants said Topless, panties kept on, barefoot - moderate bondage... (4 STARS)
9 deviants said OTHER - Please explain! (Lingerie, Cave Girl outfit, etc.)
4 deviants said Dressed (jeans/skirt/etc.) but barefoot... moderate bondage... (2 STARS)
4 deviants said Dressed completely/Shoes on... moderate bondage... (1 STAR)
2 deviants said Completely dressed/NOT tied up at all you SICKO! (0 STARS).



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Got a possible request. Could you do a picture of a bald, limbless, toothless woman?
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Love the carnivorous plant field guide! Amazing creativity! Are we going to see more? I hope so!
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Great work!  I just love your carnivorous plant series, and your wonderful sense of humor.  Are you going to add to your field guide?
barrie125ca Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014

I have a few stories that centre around female spies and their encounters with deadly plants as part of stories.  I you would like I can send you the excerpts of these, maybe they can spark another round of the great Field Guide Series you have done so far or you can just read and hopefully enjoy them.  My name is Steve and my email is if you wish to contact me.


Thanks again for the great art work. 

FiendlyFriend Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Taurus, have you thought to create a field guide of carnivorous insects?
That could be really interesting...
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your works are amazing n_n
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