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I stumbled onto this image (and your gallery) & was immediately drawn in... this is outstanding from the quality, mood & setting to the...

I find myself increasingly immersed in the photo... it's wonderful... the scenery is amazing & perfectly shot (focus, colors, compositi...


Future Quest
The future is promising indeed... although the lessons were long & painful the universe is back in its' natural order. The year is 2100. Sixty years earlier the failures of political correctness, multiculturalism & a host of other liberal nonsense resulted in all of them being eradicated forever. This placed humanity back on course for real advancement. Deep space has now been successfully colonized. A vital key to this and many other accomplishments was the admission of the natural roles that gender plays in a strong, lasting society. Women no longer had to worry their pretty little heads about science, mathematics & other guy stuff. With males taking over all roles of leadership & responsibility women were finally free to utilize their natural abilities to the fullest. In addition to breeding, women were now empowered to serve men. A century earlier this practical, common sense idea would be met with harsh condemnation. In this new era there were appropriate situations where women could lead. An example would be on the space station - women in charge of a small troupe of sex cadets are referred to as Madams - a cherished role. She would monitor requests from the men & dispatch the ladies as needed. The console had pretty colorful blinking buttons that would pinpoint the location for a sexual encounter & the actions desired - blowjobs, anal, bondage, etc... The madam would also be dispatched when a subordinate officer would cover the console for her. :w00t:

This official image shows the Madam & officers of Sector B Group J  (aka BJ Task Force) in full uniform. Normally they are only in their collar & heels like the cadets. Gags must also be worn when roaming the space station. Women have never been happier... same goes for the men. True progress is a beautiful thing... :w00t:

 WARNING: JumboAggression... retreat to SafeZone!!!! RUN!!!! :w00t:

Some DAZ IRay SciFi Silliness...
Plastic Bag Horror
Playing with DAZ3D/IRay - I was just trying to experiment with a transparent bag & somehow this monstrosity was created. It quickly turned into an elaborate horror scene... this image is cropped, the full one has 11 characters total - this has 9 displayed... Instead of a dark atmosphere I wanted lots of light to highlight the callousness of the situation... A harsh, disturbing & psychological tale of horror... Technically it turned out better than expected - but, man, what a mess! :w00t:

The women have been abducted & held in a two-bit white slavery ring... they do not know where they are. They are confined to a small warehouse in an unpatrolled ghetto... in the year that's passed they've been subjected to endless degradation & abuse - countless groups of men have entered these walls to partake in their agony. Nude, chained & gagged they have no option but to endure - the only thing that gets them through is the far off hope that someday they'll be free...

One of their captors arrived one morning with some news. "Wake up cunts! I have some news - good & bad. The good news is we're leaving this place - we've got a bigger operation in mind across the country. Lots more pussy & ass - more customers... and more money. Bad news is we're not taking you bitches along. Not worth the effort..."... the women stared not sure whether they should be happy or horrified. The man pulled out a small plastic bag & waved it in front of the ladies. "Time to set you girls free... sort of..." He chuckled & offered a brief explanation. "See all those barrels we lined up a few months ago - they're for you. Gonna stuff you inside, seal it & dump it way out in the ocean. You didn't think you'd be walking away - did you?" Chaos ensued but there was nowhere to go - not with their wrists cuffed, their ankles chained & the door barred shut. "This will be like shooting fish in barrel! Haha... barrel...". He grabbed one of the women & forced the bag over her head - he squeezed it tight around her throat. She convulsed while struggling...but  soon she was still. He picked her body up & dumped it headfirst into the barrel - her feet dangled over the side. "Next please...." He laughed & grabbed another female... mocking her as he proceeded with his business. All the while the women were freaking out. Crying & screaming through their gags... There was no escape from the horrific fate... :w00t: <= Why is that little guy cheering... he's EVIL!!!

Not for the faint-hearted - but it is horror! :w00t:
MELISSA - Alien - Peanuts - Silly Lips Combo
Sweet, adorable Melissa - Cute never looked so cute! :w00t:

Even her nipples are the cutest little things! :)

For Melissa's biggest fan - you know who you are... and you're cute too BTW... :w00t:
Hooked on Bondage
A woman that knows her place... nude, gagged & chained up on a hook... admittedly, it took a little coercion with the whip but it's for the best... Here she waits patiently to be hoisted off the ground. :w00t:

DAZ3D/Gia G3F - Photoshop/NIK
Amber on the Bellcart
What can brighten up a gloomy Saturday morning? I know - AMBER! :w00t:

She's awesome in so many ways... :w00t:

DAZ3D 4 PRO - FREE Until 03/31/2012

Mon Mar 19, 2012, 9:14 AM
Hope everyone has a safe & happy new year... I really do... :)

Just an FYI...

I noticed DAZ Studio 4.0 PRO was on sale this month - for NOTHING!

DAZ FREE Software Page:…

DAZ 4 Pro ($429.95), Bryce 7 Pro ($249.95), Hexagon 2.5 ($149.95)... FREE until 03/31/2012...

DAZ 4 also includes 3D bridge which allows a direct model import from DAZ to Photoshop CS4+...

They also have FREE model bundles & promotional products...RuntimeDNA & Renderosity also have a wide variety of products - many free...

This is a good chance to give 3D art a try... just register with DAZ (for free) & add the free software to your cart...

There's enough material to get started right away... and if you don't like creating 3D art it can be used as a model reference... just load a figure & view from various camera angles & zoom perspectives...

Again, it's only until 03/31/2012... then it goes back to the prohibitive high prices... Hurry! :w00t:

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