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The video for this is excellent! Technically, the camera work & resolution are very good & offers a clear view of the action. "Yoko" is...

Well I certainly appreciate the nude shot... that's how all bondage should be. :w00t: Also, it's a nude shot but doesn't actually reveal any...

I stumbled onto this image (and your gallery) & was immediately drawn in... this is outstanding from the quality, mood & setting to the...


Now that the battle is won the brutal invaders have one simple mission - round up the pussy - all of it! Every nook & cranny of the city is thoroughly inspected, no brick or stone is left unturned. If a female dares to hide she will be found... and punished more severely than the others... there is no escape. The only option is to drink hemlock or reveal themselves without hesitation... once captured they'll wish they were brave enough to attempt the former. Now held in the enemies embrace they are dragged into the open, stripped nude & securely cuffed & gagged. A quick inspection determines whether they are worth keeping or impaling alive before they move onwards... Here a couple older women are poked & prodded mercilessly as their tits bounce - the pitiful muffled cries of the tormented women arouse the barbaric antagonists. They'll be spared from impalement temporarily - there's an army of horny agitated men to serve - best for them if they don't survive the onslaught. The younger prettier females won't have it much better... word is out that there's another city over the hills that is defenseless with many more women to possess... If the army presses forward they will not be permitted to survive - their gags & cuffs are in short supply & will be needed elsewhere... Regardless, hundreds of women will either face sexual slavery or... death... :|

Ancient times were brutal! :w00t:

NOTE: I was lazy with the individual slogans - but "rounding up the pussy" pretty much says it all... :w00t:
Pass or Fail
Mindy earned a prestigious scholarship from an elite Ivy League school... it was quite lucrative - a full ride for both undergraduate & graduate studies - all she had to do was maintain a 4.00 GPA & not have any blemishes on her student record. The Dean took a keen interest in her newly enrolled prodigy & saw an extremely beautiful woman under the nerdy, awkward façade... so much in fact she arranged a "disciplinary incident" that immediately put her scholarship - and future - in jeopardy. Of course, the Dean had a plan... she would provide comfort & a "proposal" to keep the little blemish off her record... and remain between "us girls"... There was a price of course... Mindy was now an indentured servant... in more technical terms the Dean's "sex slave"... For the next 9+ years Mindy's hot little body would be put through the most strict & humiliating bondage... and the Dean would photograph & videotape many of the "consensual" sessions in case Mindy decided to back out of the deal... Failure wasn't an option... On the bright side Mindy is getting a "real world education" outside of her safe space... Class is now in session... :w00t:
Dong Creatures from Outer Space
Prepare for Something Amazing! :w00t:

Dong Creatures from Outer Space! These phallic invaders are on a collision course with Yer'anus... Run! Hide! Lube Up! :w00t: 

Part of my Halloween Update (a little late)... :w00t:

There's going to be a sequel in the works... "Dong Creatures from Outer Space - Sloppy Seconds" hopefully starring :iconberseh: - could be Oscar material! :w00t:

A little bored today... :w00t: 
Real Housewives of Dom County
Haven't posted in a while so here's a belated "International Women's Day" deviation... a little Girl Power. Produced & directed by Fran of course... switching gears from Sub to Dom again... :w00t: 

Based on the mind-numbing "Real Housewives of <SOMEWHERE>" series... which unfortunately my own wife is a huge fan of... I've dozed off to the sounds of intolerable squawking, dumb conversations & dopey pettiness many, many nights. :|

Thought I'd give it a little twist - It's a "Man's World" but these mature, rich & sophisticated ladies are in charge of it! :w00t:

NOTE: My own personal view of the Femdom theme is that it's conceptually interesting but not realistic... each of these women should be stripped, hogtied & given good spankings to teach them their "proper" place - given their age they should know that by now... Furthermore, not all women can pull off the "dom" role... For example, our very own beloved (& internationally famous) Berseh :iconberseh: would be bound & gagged before she could even think of dominating anyone... and rightfully so. Some women (if not most) are meant to be in constant submission... :w00t:

Fran's Portfolio:…
Feeling Crabby
Fran's not in a good mood... you can say she's feeling a little crabby this afternoon... all corny jokes aside things aren't looking too good for Fran... :|

The bad guys have Fran nude, gagged & bound spreadeagle in a remote channel of the bay... before her captors leave they tell her how lucky she is that the tide's coming in... very lucky... She has no idea what that means but knows she has to free herself quick. No matter how hard she struggles she can't dislodge the heavy metal stakes pinning her down. Soon, she notices the tide creeping up... there's nothing "lucky" about this... she'll drown if someone doesn't find her soon... No one hears her muffled screams... Soon, she discovers she has company... lots of company... Hungry crabs appear & scurry towards a delectable meal - Fran!!! She feels sharp pincers & tiny jaws pinch & nibble at her tender flesh... GGWWMMFFF!!! The more she squirms the more frenzied the little monsters become... they especially like her toes - they wiggle the most when tortured! :w00t:

Her head is positioned on the low end of the sloping dune... she can feel the water rising around her neck, shoulders & tits... she continues to scream for help but knows there's no one there... PINCH! BITE! PINCH! GGWWMMFFFF!!!! She cries in agony as the hungry creatures converge around her as if they were invited to a banquet... In a sense they were. Fran's captor's knew the crusty horde would arrive to gorge themselves. GGWWMFFF! It hurts... the razor sharp claws slice into her skin clouding the rising tidepool with blood... The tide reaches her head - she struggles to keep her nostrils above the water as the crustaceans continue to eat her alive... GGWWWMFMFFFF!!! MMMFFFFFF!!! She screams in agony as she lurches her neck forward... Now she understands what her captors meant by "lucky the tide was rising"... She has a choice - spend hours of agony being shredded alive - picked apart, piece by piece, by hungry crabs... or... lean back & let the water enter her nostrils & fill her lungs... in effect, putting herself out of misery by giving up the fight... Her captors are very cruel indeed. GGWWFMMFFF!!! More small chunks of flesh are pulled away... followed by more screaming & agony... Fran better decide quick, if the tide goes back out she'll miss her only chance for relief... and she could be alive for hours & hours like this... Better decide Fran... time is wasting... GGGWWWMMMFFFFF!!! :w00t:

Shoot No. 175 for Fran... She's been wanting to do a nude, spread eagle peril scene on the beach... and she was just at a charity Crab Fest - so she thought combining the two would be a good idea... Love that gal! :w00t:

Have to say this predicament would be perfect for none other than :iconberseh: - sure she's not as meaty as Fran but she's much fresher & would look amazing nude, tied down & spread... and to a hungry little crab she'd make more than a meal! PINCH!!! PINCH!!! :w00t:

Fran's Portfolio:…

Yes... deranged... I know... :w00t:

Willful Dishonesty in Politics

Tue Oct 25, 2016, 1:16 PM
Hope everyone has a safe & happy new year... I really do... :)

Sick of the blind, mindless servitude towards Democrats, especially the dirtbag Clintons, and those that are willing to propogate lies & willfully dodge the truth... Personally, I only care about honesty & maintaining my integrity - because I'm awesome! :w00t:

I found this ridiculous post & added a constructive comment - within seconds I was banned! No response... just banned! Now all comments are disabled on the wildly inaccurate deviation but the image still remains... :w00t:

[ORIGINAL IMAGE is GONE!] It was an unflattering picture of Trump with a mushroom cloud over his shoulder & the word "BIGLY"...

Since my comment was based on sound reason & not spontaneous emotion I can reconstruct it fairly accurately:


Some vital corrections: Trump said "BIG LEAGUE" not "bigly"... and the mushroom cloud should be placed over Hillary's head. She's given Russia 20% of our uranium (for donations to the Clinton Foundation) & helped pave the way for Iran to become a terrorist nuclear power. And don't forget Bill Clinton helped North Korea get nukes... Trump has no tangible connections to nuclear disaster yet the Clintons actually do... :|

This misleading poster FAILED BIGLY! :w00t:


The comments I made were accurate in every detail & had some actual humor... yet, the poster probably won't be corrected.  I was expecting something like "WOW! Thanks man - I had it completely backwards! I'm being used as a tool for the corrupt Democrat Party... thanks again for the help!" :clap:

Now, this is how a political post should be done:

Mature Content

Oral Office by taurus-comix

It's honest & based on factual events... and has a nice helping of T & A (Tits & Ass)... comments are enabled & I took the time to respond to them... If your position is entirely wrong & can't be defended than maybe you shouldn't post... :w00t:



United States
Current Residence: NJ
Favourite cartoon character: Polly Pocket (keeps the kids quiet)
Personal Quote: "It's never too late to be what you should have been" or something like that...

The mature Fran model - Should she appear again? I kind of like her - what do you think? 

45 deviants said YES - Tightly hogtied next to some younger girls.
42 deviants said YES - Use her in a degrading "put out to pasture" Hucow scene.
35 deviants said YES - Captured in a Home Invasion scene.
26 deviants said NO - Only young, hot "barbie-doll" chicks that are perfect in every way.
23 deviants said YES - Fully clothed in a dominant role - lesbian scene.
16 deviants said NO - She had her day in the sun... now she can be put out to pasture.
11 deviants said YES - Maybe a wild tryst with a much younger guy.
8 deviants said YES - Explain...
5 deviants said YES - But only in the background to add some drama.



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